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Move from lighthouse mess #404

marcandre opened this Issue · 40 comments

I understand the reason behind the move to github issues.

Problems in the way the transition is done remain:

1) Lighthouse issues have not been migrated to github yet (any timeframe?)

2) Until they are, they can't be read by mere mortals on Lighthouse anymore. There is not even a landing page letting people know where to go, what to do, etc.

3) Guides are still referring to lighthouse ( and even )


dhh commented

We're looking for people who can help us port the LH issues to GH. If you want to work on this, I can give you access to the archived LH site.


Looks like some have already worked on this a bit:


@dhh: I'd love to help port everything over. I've been looking for a way to give back to the Rails community for a while.


Why close lighthouse to public before all the tickets migrated and all issues on github indexed by search engines? It was so annoying when I followed google results to some tickets on lighthouse then I just got a meaningless page told me I have no access to it. It prevents people to get useful information.


I create a ticket (with patch) in what appears to be the final hours of the lighthouse site being open. Should I recreate it as a github issue or wait for things to be resolved?


@dhh...we are having a Rails Bugmash this Saturday (5/7) and could use it as an opportunity to move bugs over while at the same time either fixing them or at least making sure they are still valid. I will send you my lighthouse account name via direct message so you can add me to the Lighthouse project.


seems a little unorganized here with this move. Who is heading up the move? I have also been looking for a way to give back to the rails community but need some direction on the steps. my email is if anybody wants to communicate the steps needed to help out.

dhh commented

I've opened the lighthouse again and will keep it open for another weekend. So I'll close it down next Friday the 13th. Please coordinate to have all the tickets moved over by then. Thanks for stepping up guys!


@dhh: Do you want all the tickets or just the ones that are open?


I've got a partial port up on an empty repo to test everything:

I'm working on some spam cleanup now (man, there's a lot of that!). I'll also be tweaking the comment body format a little to hopefully make it easier to see who originally posted the comment and when.

Essentially what I did was create a Rails app that duplicated most of the Lighthouse model layout. Then I used their API to pull down most of the project locally. With my local copy, I ran some cleanup (spam, formatting) via some Rake tasks, etc. Then I'm using GitHub's API to re-post all of the issues to their new location. The code's an absolute mess right now, but I might be able to get it cleaned up sometime this week and post it if anyone is interested.


@AquaGeek: Good work. I think it would be better not to import the tags from Lighthouse though as there are loads of really pointless ones used and there is no coherent system because anybody could apply a tag or create a new tag.


@jonleighton OK. Easy enough to remove.


Here's the latest and greatest test import:

Can I get a second and third pair of eyes to look it over before I pull the trigger and run the script here on rails/rails?

Also, I've moved most of the attachments into Gist (one gist per issue), but I'm not sure how to relate them to specific comments... Any thoughts? Should I just add a comment at the end with a link to the gist?


Also, I've moved most of the attachments into Gist (one gist per issue), but I'm not sure how to relate them to specific
comments... Any thoughts? Should I just add a comment at the end with a link to the gist?

Looks like a good idea


@dhh: What will happen to Lighthouseapp? Is it possible to remove the "New Issue" and "New comments" buttons altogether to make it read only?

@AquaGeek: Looks good at first sight.
1) If Lighthouseapp is to remain accessible in read-only, then the attachments could simply be the lighthouse links inserted at the end of the corresponding comments / issue ? Otherwise we really shouldn't loose the attachments, and we can't really combine them nicely either.
2) Would it be easy to add a comment in lighthouse like "This thread was exported to " or similar?
3) It might be a good idea to create a new github user to do the import, say "Lighthouse Import"


Alright. All open tickets have been moved over.

A couple of users complained about the barrage of notifications, and I apologize. I can understand the frustration - 500+ tickets created with incremental comments being added and your being messaged with each one...

I'll be going through and spot checking to make sure the attachment Gists line up OK. Please let me know if anyone sees any spam - I think I got most of it, but a few messages might have gotten through.


@AquaGeek Fantastic work! Thanks!


@AquaGeek Excellent work! :)


Closing this now, nice one @AquaGeek.


@AquaGeek: Nice!

Hopefully lighthouse will be put in read-only or offline soon. I think there is already a new issue that has been created on lighthouse...


@jonleighton @dhh: Anybody know what's going on here? All of the tickets that were imported just got closed about an hour ago. Weird thing is, they show as being closed by the account I created for the import - whose credentials I haven't given to anyone...


We have them closed directly by Github. There were too many stale tickets. So we're closing them all and relying on them to be reopened for the ones that are still active. This also gives us the full history so lighthouse can go offline.


/me flabergasted.


/me even more flabergasted after noticing that:


@dhh How do we re-open the issues? Creating new issues referencing closed issue numbers is ok?


Yeah, what we should have had here is a soft-close of the tickets, so they could be reopened. But Github doesn't have that feature. So the next best thing is just to open a new ticket and reference the old one if it's still relevant.

We just don't want to clutter the issues list with 500 issues that may very well be outdated.


@dhh Do you think it's possible that some of the people that took the time to create these 500 issues, comment on them or provide patches for them, that some of them might feel frustrated or even insulted by the fact that their issues were closed? I mean it could be because they might not appreciate that they were not contacted about the import, the inaccessibility of the original issue nor the subsequent closing of the imported issue, or it could be because they might not understand how a list of opened issues (even with some that "may very well be outdated") is such a big problem as to outweigh the possibility of having some issues adressed one day, or of giving the impression that contributions are not valued?

May I recommend at least informing the original authors of these issues about what has happened with their stuff and asking them to create a new issue if it's still relevant?


While the edge guides have been fixed, the current guides still refer to lighthouse ( )

It might be a good idea to change the lighthouse error message "If you think this is an error, ..." for an explanation that it has moved to github issues, as google, etc..., will refer to lighthouse for a while.


I agree with Marc. Closing off access to was a bad move. I have plenty of URL references to issue reports on lighthouseapp in my code. They are now all useless. And closing all open issue reports wholesale constitutes a slap in the face of people who went to the trouble of reporting issues in Rails after having done significant research. I, for one, will think twice before reporting another Rails issue.


+1 for reopening

I just wanted to look at the status of a bug report I submitted to Lighthouse whose URL I saved somewhere. I was told that "this is not a public project", without a word on what's happened. Well, that one was easy to find out thanks to Google, so I looked over to Github, just to find out that my bug report (including a patch) has been closed, again without any explanation. Fortunately I stumbled upon this bug report after Googling some more, although it was by pure chance.

So please
1) reopen this issue until it is really fixed (see marcandre's comment about the guides)
2) reopen all imported issues which you're not 100% sure of they're fixed


I certainly agree with marcandres comment on May 27 ,2011. frustrated? insulted? whatever...

Not valuing contributions (serious bug reporting is contribution) is the kind of thing that makes projects fork... I hope not this will happen to rails.

Please reopen all the old tickets...

Whatever reason there is that I should create a new ticket and refer to the old one for my reported tickets will be just as valid reason for me to make a script to run through all the (500+) migrated tickets and create new (parallel) ticket refering to the old one, and voila... We are back to 500+ open tickets... Closing eyes to defect reports does not make the defects go away, just make them invisible.


A quick summary of the current state of things, for folks like me who arrived here after not being able to find an old ticket on Lighthouse:

1) Rails issue tracking has been moved from Lighthouse to Github Issues, apparently due to spam overload on Lighthouse

2) All open tickets from Lighthouse were migrated to Github Issues, but were then closed en masse because of too many stale tickets. For any tickets that were closed but are still relevant, DHH says to just open a new ticket and reference the old one.

3) Public access to the Rails Lighthouse project has been disabled. Today, all tickets that were open when the migration happened are now represented by closed issues on Github Issues; tickets that were closed in Lighthouse when the migration happened cannot be viewed on the web anywhere.

In terms of preserving the knowledge in the thousands of closed Rails tickets:

  • Ideally, the Rails Lighthouse project would be put in read-only mode, so that all of the old ticket permalinks continue to work. If someone on the Lighthouse team could be convinced to implement a read-only feature in Lighthouse, it seems like this would be the optimal way to go.
  • Failing that, could all of these closed tickets be migrated as closed tickets into Github Issues? (I'm not sure why that wasn't done along with the open ticket migration.)
  • Alternatively, Chris Mear has used the Lighthouse API to archive all of the Rails Lighthouse tickets as XML files, such that a static website can be generated from them.

Of course, we need to get to a point where one can search for a Rails Lighthouse ticket ID that appears in a commit message, or for a Lighthouse ticket URL that appears in a comment in one's codebase, and find the old discussion around that ticket. Given some guidance from someone on the Rails team, I would be happy to take the lead on exploring the above options and making the closed tickets findable on the internets again.


I'm not sure why that wasn't done along with the open ticket migration.

I'm new to the community and didn't realize that people had tickets referenced in code, commit comments, etc. I can check if I pulled all of the info for the closed tickets as well. I think I might have. If so, it would be pretty trivial to import those as well.

I agree that a read-only Lighthouse project would be a better way to go, though...


I'd be all for these two technical solutions:

1) Lighthouse read-only mode that allows the public to see tickets. If someone can convince the LH team to add this, we can definitely turn Lighthouse back on.

2) Soft-close on GH issues, so people can reopen the original issues if they're still relevant.



Today I sent an email to the Lighthouse team, explaining the situation and asking if they could implement a read-only project mode in Lighthouse. Will report back here when I hear something.


Hey all,

Looks like your Rails account projects are all set to archived, which is read-only mode like you suggest. If you make those projects public again, it should work like you desire - no new tickets/editing, but visible on the public web.


Actually I take that back, I need to add 'archived/public' as a final option. Working on it..


Update from the Lighthouse team:

This turned out to be a bit more complex, but it's in the final stages of development (we're QAing it on our staging site). If that passes we can push it out in the next few days afterwards and the rails project will become visible to the public again shortly afterwards..


Bam! rails project visible on the web again. Do you want the other two projects visible too?


Thanks courtenay and entp!

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