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Creating a new Rails app with an old version no longer works #4594

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If I needed to create a new Rails app using an older version I used to just do:

rails _3.1.0_ new myapp

(So using the functionality in the bin wrapper that Rubygems automatically provides).

Since the rails bin was removed from the rails gem on 3.2 I can no longer do this since older versions of railties don't provide the bin in the railties gem (which is the gem the Rubygem's wrapper will look in).


BTW, I realize that you guys may just decide it is not worth fixing. So as a note for anybody in the future you can create your own wrapper (like the one Rubygems generates). Just copy the Rubygems one and replace the bottom with:

  # Try the new railties location first
  gem 'railties', version
  load Gem.bin_path('railties', 'rails', version)
rescue Gem::LoadError, Gem::GemNotFoundException
  # Revert back to the old rails location
  gem 'rails', version
  load Gem.bin_path('rails', 'rails', version)

Yeah, we were aware of this but we had to do such change for those depending on the railties gem.

@josevalim josevalim closed this
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