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delete_all should respect a limit scope #4979

daveyeu opened this Issue February 09, 2012 · 8 comments

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David Yeu Aaron Patterson Arun Agrawal John Pignata Ali Jason Noble Francesco Rodríguez
David Yeu

Hi there,

So we nearly just hosed a table in production by trying:


Thankfully, we decided to read up on how delete_all works here and tested it locally, since it turns out that this simply deletes everything in the table.

Now I get that a LIMIT clause doesn't make sense on a DELETE op, but can we add a sensible translation in this case? I would expect it to behave like .destroy_all, which appears to instantiate the records and call #destroy on each. A #delete_all wouldn't have to inflate AR objects here, but instead, could simply query for the ids to delete, and then perform a DELETE FROM ... id IN (...) query.

Thoughts? I think we can prevent some future pain here.


Dave & John

Arun Agrawal

Rails Version?

John Pignata

We see the behavior using both Rails 3.1.3 and 3.0.11.

Arun Agrawal

have you tried this?

Mode.delete_all(:limit => 100)

Arun Agrawal

Sorry it will not work. It expects as a column.



I was going to have a crack at implementing this and naively thought that "DELETE FROM foos LIMIT " was valid SQL. However it appears to only work in MySQL, or as compile-time option for sqlite. No mention of it after a cursory glance at pg docs.

@daveyeu , your idea of getting the ids and then doing a "DELETE FROM foos WHERE id in (...)" I think would do what you'd expect Foo.limit(10).delete_all. It would be interesting to hear what rails contributors think.

Jason Noble

Perhaps delete_all should raise an error if a limit is provided?

/cc @tenderlove

Aaron Patterson

@jasonnoble that seems acceptable to me.

Francesco Rodríguez

@tenderlove Any news? Maybe something like this:

def delete_all(conditions = nil)
  raise"delete_all doesn't support limit scope") if self.limit_value

  if conditions

@daveyeu @arunagw Is destroy_all method serve that function?

Aaron Patterson tenderlove closed this in 2f68125 May 01, 2012
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