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Polymorphic type fields not set in Rails 3.1.0.beta1 with Identity Map enabled #526

bbuchalter opened this Issue · 8 comments

4 participants

Brian Buchalter José Valim Emilio Tagua Jon Leighton
Brian Buchalter

I believe the identity map functionality of Rails 3.1.0.beta1 has broken polymorphic associations. This issue cross references Lighthouse ticket #6772 (

See below for steps to recreate


config.active_record.identity_map = true
ActiveRecord::IdentityMap.enabled = true


class CreatePhysicalAddresses < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def change
    create_table :physical_addresses do |t|
      t.string :line1
      t.string :line2
      t.string :city
      t.integer :state_id
      t.string :zipcode
      t.integer :county_id
      t.string :latlong
      t.references :physical_addressable, :polymorphic => true
    add_index :physical_addresses, [:physical_addressable_id, :physical_addressable_type], :name => 'physical_addressable'
    add_index :physical_addresses, :state_id
    add_index :physical_addresses, :county_id

class CreateLands < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def change
    create_table :lands do |t|
      t.string :tax_map_reference
      t.string :plat_number
      t.text :location_comments
      t.text :adverse_environmental_conditions
      t.integer :created_by
      t.integer :updated_by
      t.integer :land_special_ownership_type_id
    add_index :lands, :land_special_ownership_type_id


class Land < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_one :address, :as => :physical_addressable, :dependent => :destroy, :class_name => "PhysicalAddress"
  accepts_nested_attributes_for :address, :allow_destroy => true
  attr_accessible :address_attributes
  delegate :latlong, :to => :address, :prefix => true, :allow_nil => true
  validates_associated :address

class PhysicalAddress < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :line1, :line2, :city, :state_id, :zipcode, :county_id, :latlong
  belongs_to :physical_addressable, :polymorphic => true
  belongs_to :state
  delegate :name, :to => :state, :prefix => true, :allow_nil => true
  belongs_to :county
  delegate :name, :to => :county, :prefix => true, :allow_nil => true

  validates_presence_of :line1, :city, :state_id
  validates_length_of :zipcode, :is => 5

Console output:

Loading development environment (Rails 3.1.0.beta1)
ruby-1.9.2-p180 :001 > Land.create({"address_attributes"=>{"line1"=>"10300 Little Patuxent Parkway", "line2"=>"", "city"=>"Columbia", "state_id"=>"1", "zipcode"=>"21044", "county_id"=>"14"}})
   (0.1ms)  BEGIN
   (0.1ms)  COMMIT
   (0.1ms)  BEGIN
  SQL (0.4ms)  INSERT INTO `lands` (`adverse_environmental_conditions`, `created_at`, `created_by`, `land_special_ownership_type_id`, `location_comments`, `plat_number`, `tax_map_reference`, `updated_at`, `updated_by`) VALUES (NULL, '2011-05-10 19:50:11', NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, '2011-05-10 19:50:11', NULL)
  SQL (0.2ms)  INSERT INTO `physical_addresses` (`city`, `county_id`, `created_at`, `latlong`, `line1`, `line2`, `physical_addressable_id`, `physical_addressable_type`, `state_id`, `updated_at`, `zipcode`) VALUES ('Columbia', 14, '2011-05-10 19:50:11', NULL, '10300 Little Patuxent Parkway', '', 4, NULL, 1, '2011-05-10 19:50:11', '21044')
   (3.6ms)  COMMIT
 => #<Land id: 4, tax_map_reference: nil, plat_number: nil, location_comments: nil, adverse_environmental_conditions: nil, created_by: nil, updated_by: nil, land_special_ownership_type_id: nil, created_at: "2011-05-10 19:50:11", updated_at: "2011-05-10 19:50:11">
ruby-1.9.2-p180 :002 > Land.find(4).address
  Land Loaded  From Identity Map (id: 4)
 => #<PhysicalAddress id: 4, line1: "10300 Little Patuxent Parkway", line2: "", city: "Columbia", state_id: 1, zipcode: "21044", county_id: 14, latlong: nil, physical_addressable_id: 4, physical_addressable_type: nil, created_at: "2011-05-10 19:50:11", updated_at: "2011-05-10 19:50:11">

Note that the SQL INSERT into physical addresses does not include a physical_addressable_type. Worked just fine in Rails 3.0.7.

The address is loaded from the identity map, but if I exit console and try to access the address record again, it is not available:

Loading development environment (Rails 3.1.0.beta1)
ruby-1.9.2-p180 :001 > Land.find(4).address
  Land Load (0.6ms)  SELECT `lands`.* FROM `lands` WHERE `lands`.`id` = 4 LIMIT 1
  PhysicalAddress Load (0.4ms)  SELECT `physical_addresses`.* FROM `physical_addresses` WHERE `physical_addresses`.`physical_addressable_id` = 4 AND `physical_addresses`.`physical_addressable_type` = 'Land' LIMIT 1 => nil
José Valim
Brian Buchalter
Brian Buchalter
Brian Buchalter

Jose, could you tell me more about the issue you're referring to in LH? Which ticket? Was it the one I submitted?

José Valim

I have just checked the ticket but it was actually another issue, check #403. One question, does this bug happen on Rails 3.0.x?

Brian Buchalter
Jon Leighton jonleighton was assigned
Emilio Tagua

Hey bbuchalter, I reproduced the issue in beta1, but it seems to be fixed in master. I ran exactly the same migrations and models you posted and it should be fixed now.

If you find it still fails on master for you please do comment again.

José Valim josevalim closed this
Brian Buchalter

Great work guys! Thank you!

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