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Rails 3.1 force_ssl does not pass the request query params correctly to the response request. #5903

preethinarayan opened this Issue Apr 19, 2012 · 3 comments

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I'm using force_ssl in a controller to provide https for only specific actions in my controller. For that specific request it has query parameters as part of the request. When the redirect_to "https" kicks in its not passing the query params over correctly to the https version of the request.
I suspect that the query parameters are incorrectly passed over to the redirect_to options hash.


I am also wrestling with this issue. The query parameters are gone after the http -> https redirect by rails.


@preethinarayan @surferdwa @acapilleri It looks like 3.1 is not getting maintain anymore and it is getting only security fixes.

#5455 ported the fix in 3.2, but it won't get merge. However, you can create a method on Application Controller that solve it.


@ivanacostarubio Thanks for the response. That's pretty much what I ended up doing. I wasn't sure if 3.1 as still being supported or not so I thought I should raise the issue.

Thanks anyway!

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