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Passing the format in the template name is deprecated. How? #6016

Sephi-Chan opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I use JBuilder to populate JSON data into my views (for a Backbone app).
I was writing things like:

render("users/user.json", user: current_user)

But i receive a warning like:

DEPRECATION WARNING: Passing the format in the template name is deprecated. Please pass render with :formats => [:json] instead.

But now I don't know what to write to get it working. I unsuccessfully tried some combination but it always leads to a:

Missing partial users/user with {:locale=>[:fr], :formats=>[:html], :handlers=>[:erb, :builder, :jbuilder, :coffee, :haml]}.

Both the guides and the API seems outdated. :s
What should I do?

Thanks a lot!


@Sephi-Chan Try like this:

render("users/user", formats: :json, user: current_user)

And please feel free to contribute to the guides / api if they feel outdated about it :). Thanks.


@carlosantoniodasilva It still raises:

Missing partial users/user with {:locale=>[:en], :formats=>[:html], :handlers=>[:erb, :builder, :jbuilder, :coffee, :haml]}.

I got it working with the following code:

- json = render(partial: 'users/user', formats: [:json], locals: { user: @user })

I would be glad to contribute to the API but I'm unexperienced so please tell me: Is it okay to just complete the documentation of ActionView::Helpers::RenderingHelper#render to indicate the existence of these options?


Ops yeah, it's required to use render :partial in this case, forgot that, sorry. If you need to use any available option, such as :format or :layout, you always need to use render :partial.

Doc contributions are always welcome, of course :). Feel free to expand the api or the guides with more info, you can do that directly in lifo/docrails, it's a branch of rails only for doc contributions, and you can push freely. Thanks!

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