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null store cache config #6085

Dagnan opened this Issue Apr 30, 2012 · 7 comments

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Dagnan commented Apr 30, 2012

When using the value indicated in the pull request (#3954) or in the Rails Caching guide (, we get this error:

Could not find cache store adapter for null (cannot load such file -- active_support/cache/null) (RuntimeError)

It works with:

config.cache_store = :null_store
Ruby on Rails member

@Dagnan would you mind sending an update to the docs? You can go ahead and push freely to, it's an open project for Rails docs contributions, thanks!

Ruby on Rails member
Ruby on Rails member

Hm, it has been fixed by this commit, around 1 month ago.

What happens is that the guides reflect the latest stable version, 3.2.3, and this change was made only in master. You can see the edge guides, here, where the change is reflected - these guides are generated from current Rails master.

This change could be backported, if you want to do this particular fix, you can go ahead and send a pull request to Rails for 3-2-stable branch (note: not docrails). Thanks!

Dagnan commented May 3, 2012

What is the file that should be modified in rails/3-2-stable to backport this modification?

I don't unserstand the link between the guides and the rails repo.

Ruby on Rails member

@Dagnan here is the caching guide inside the rails repo, branch 3-2-stable. It's under railties/guides/source. In master, it was moved to the top dir, under guides/source.

You can find the same guides in lifo/docrails repository, it's a branch of Rails source code, only for documentation. You can send any doc patches straight to there, directly to master, if your changes are for master - or you can just send a pull request in Rails, if that works better for you. If you want to backport this or any other changes for 3-2, you can't use docrails, so just send a pull request to Rails, and we will gladly apply.

If you have any other doubts, let us know.

Dagnan commented May 4, 2012

Thanks I could not find the path of the caching guide. I'm sending a pull request for the 3-2-stable.

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