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Perceived regression in the intersection of ActiveRecord::Relations #6257

iamvery opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Observed in Rails 3.0.11:

(ModelA.scoped & ModelB.scoped).class
=> ActiveRecord::Relation

Observed in Rails 3.2.3:

(ModelA.scoped & ModelB.scoped).class
=> Array

There was a particular circumstance that I easily overcame by using a where instead of the set intersection, but I wanted to raise the issue in case this was unintentional. I spent some time trying to locate some documentation about the change and was unable to find any. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar enough with the Rails / AR code to know how to even find the implementation for set intersection. (Maybe its part of Arel?) Anyway, its pretty tough searching for "&" in code :P



I wonder if this is not just loading the target and returning the objects, which would give you [].class => Array. Seems like reasonable to me if that's the cause.

@jonleighton thoughts on this one?


The #& alias for `#merge was removed at the request of @ernie. I can't remember the details but please use #merge for this functionality. #& will just hit method_missing.


Ah yeah, I completely forgot & had been removed.. Thanks!


Thanks @jonleighton and @carlosantoniodasilva for your fast and brilliant replies. From your replies I found the rails core mailing list discussion at!topic/rubyonrails-core/YxdcYEOGi3E that clears it all up. I also see where my misunderstanding of & came from. I guess this is just difficult to search for if you don't know the key word "merge".

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