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controller instance variables do not get reloaded #6575

andyvb opened this Issue · 7 comments

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This is an issue with Rails 3.2.4 (works fine in Rails 3.2.3)

1) create a new rails app

rails new rails_3_2_4
cd rails_3_2_4
rails g scaffold foo name:string
rake db:migrate
rails s -e development

2) go to /foos and create a new Foo record
3) go back to /foos

The new Foo records is not listed. If you restart the server, it is now listed. But if you create a new Foo record, it is not listed again until you restart the server.

Expected Result:
The new Foo record should be listed.


Could you provide an example application? This behavior is well tested and I don't think that this is a Rails bug.


Agreed seems crazy. Here is the sample app:


@andyvb I've tried your steps and everything works okay with 3.2.4 on my computer


@pixeltrix seems this is the same issue that #6576.


@andyvb @rafaelfranca it's a duplicate of #6576 - the cached Model.all is not been invalidated.


Snap :smile:


@pixeltrix, @rafaelfranca thanks guys, I thought I was going crazy. Seems pretty serious.

@pixeltrix pixeltrix closed this issue from a commit
@pixeltrix pixeltrix Restore behavior of Active Record 3.2.3 scopes
A series of commits relating to preloading and scopes caused a regression.
Cloning the relation calls initialize_copy which resets a number of instance
variables to nil. Without this the scope thinks that it is already loaded
when it is called again.

Reverts the following commits:

Fixes #6575, #6576 & #6577
@pixeltrix pixeltrix closed this in 7056079
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