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Setting to_xml :dasherize=>false doesn't apply to :included models #6958

anthonyalberto opened this Issue Jul 4, 2012 · 5 comments

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Using Rails 3.2.6, calling model.to_xml(:dasherize=>false, :include=>:my_included_model), I get a xml with dasherized content for the included model.

The only way I could find to make it work was to override to_xml all together, but I guess there should be a way to let Rails know if we want to disable dasherizing of included models.



:dasherize => false also for : my_included_model could have sense.
cc / @rafaelfranca

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model.to_xml(:dasherize=>false, :include=> { :my_included_model => { :dasherize=>false } })

should work.

@acapilleri thanks.


Ok thanks for the clarification.

Otherwise, if you include lots of models, it quickly becomes ugly :)
Shouldn't it be the default? Or at least get another option, eg : model.to_xml(:dasherize_includes=>true, :include=>:my_included_model)?

It's no big deal, just my thought to make it clearer!

Thanks guys

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Well, I agree with you. If you want feel free to provide a pull request adding this feature.

I closed this issue since it is not a bug, but you can make feature requests in the Rails core mailing list of opening a pull request.


OK thanks

@sgerrand sgerrand pushed a commit to sgerrand/rails that referenced this issue Nov 2, 2013
@anthonyalberto anthonyalberto Following the false issue reporting I did here : rails#6958
- Enable propagation of :skip_types, :dasherize and :camelize on included models by default
- Adding the option to override this propagation on a per-include basis (:include => { :model => { :dasherize => false } }
- Enough tests to prove it works
- Updated activemodel

Squashed my commits
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