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ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection does not use the connection pool #7019

SamSaffron opened this Issue · 12 comments

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Due to a new resolver being spun up and a new spec generated, ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection does not make use of the connection pool at all.

Work around is to do:

resolver = config, ActiveRecord::Base.configurations
ActiveRecord::Base.connection_handler.establish_connection config, resolver.spec


Sorry, can you please clarify the code (use Github Flavored Markdown to style it so we can better read it), and tell us the Rails version you're using? Thanks!


Using Rails 3.2.6

# this works and uses the pool
resolver = "production", ActiveRecord::Base.configurations
ActiveRecord::Base.connection_handler.establish_connection "production", resolver.spec

# this works but does not use the pool
ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection "production" 

It actually is a bit worse ... "seems" the correct thing to do is:

# ActiveRecord::Base.remove_connection # don't ever call this cause it nukes the pool 
resolver = "someconfig", ActiveRecord::Base.configurations
spec = resolver.spec # cache this across calls ... 
ActiveRecord::Base.connection_handler.establish_connection "ActiveRecord::Base", spec

@SamSaffron is correct. If multiple tables call establish_connection independently, but using the same connection key, each table will end up with its own connection pool. Starting in 3.2, errors will occur.

I wrote up some details of it in a blog post where I tried to explain how people can make their establish_connection calls work again in 3.2.

The culprit seems to be the first line of this method in ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::ConnectionHandler:

      def establish_connection(name, spec)
        @connection_pools[spec] ||=
        @class_to_pool[name] = @connection_pools[spec]

@connection_pools[spec] will always be nil because every time ActiveRecord::Base::establish_connection is called, a new ConnectionSpecification::Resolver is created. That resolver gets passed in as the spec param, so you're guaranteed that @connection_pools[some newly created spec] will be nil...and it will create a new pool.


Just got bit by this pretty hard. So, I applied the suggestions by @BMorearty to subclass AR::Base. And got bit by #5872. So I'm on rails 3-2-stable. So far so good: no prepared statement errors and no connections going out of control (with BMorearty's code change suggestions). Weird thing is I have a pool size of 1 with 4 unicorn workers. My default database has 4 db connections (also w/ a pool size of 1). My non-default db only has 1. I was expecting 4 like I have with my default, since I have 4 workers.


@jonleighton do you know if your recent connection pool and connection handler refactoring addressed this?


I don't know. Please feel free to try master and update the ticket, but this sounds bad so I'll try to find time to take a look.


Looking into this a bit more, I don't think this is actually a bug. What's described here is how it's designed to work: every time you call establish_connection you create a new pool. Therefore, if you want to share pools between classes you should use an abstract superclass.


Thanks for looking at it, @jonleighton. Much appreciated. I guess the fact that it seemed to "work" (before 3.2) was a bug--those of us who didn't know we were doing it wrong were just getting lucky.


Hi All,
Can you please guide me , how can I use two database in same development environment



@mobiloitte : Could you ask your question on the rubyonrails-talk mailing list please ? This is not really the place for such questions. Thank you!

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