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Calling .index on ActiveRecord::Relation calls Sunspot.index instead of Array.index #7074

Tomtomgo opened this Issue Jul 17, 2012 · 4 comments

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Recently I upgraded to Rails 3.2.6. Before I was able to do, given that tracks is an array fetched for example by doing tracks = Tracks.last(10):

tracks.each do |t|
  t.position = tracks.index(t)

Now Sunspot is being called and I have to explicitly make this an Array:

tracks.each do |t|
  t.position =

Seems weird, I don't know if this is an issue with Rails or Sunspot, but it happened after I updated to Rails 3.2.6.

Ruby on Rails member

It's because of this commit: cd1be1a - it changes priority in method_missing so that class methods are checked before array methods.

kennyj commented Jul 17, 2012

I thinks so. I commited it because of fixing #6635.
In #6635, I thought we should change priority. first: class methods, second: array methods.

Ruby on Rails member

I think the change is ok, Rails has to prioritize class methods.

@Tomtomgo maybe you could use each_with_index instead?

tracks.each_with_index do |t, i|
  t.position = i

You could also call to_a or all when grabbing the tracks:

tracks = Tracks.last(10).to_a



Okay, thanks for checking it out.

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