default yaml parser is not explicit #7131

lgleasain opened this Issue Jul 22, 2012 · 4 comments


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If I do not explicitly include the psych gem in my project, if a machine happens to not have libyaml installed and another does yaml parsing works differently due to the fallback behavior of using syck if libyaml is not installed on a machine.

If psych is the default yaml interpreter the gem should be part of the standard rails set. Then if a user really wants to use syck, they would need to explicitly configure things for that ensuring that an app runs consistently across environments.


steveklabnik commented Jul 22, 2012

This shouldn't be a problem on master, as we only support Ruby 1.9.3, so it should always be psych. Might be worthwhile for 3.2.x though.

I should have mentioned that this happened with Ruby 1.9.2 where psych is an optional package so you are correct with it not being an issue with head which only supports 1.9.3.


schneems commented Nov 14, 2012

Can we close this issue? Would also accept a PR for a fix on the 3.2 branch.


rafaelfranca commented Nov 14, 2012

I think so. Feel free to submit a pull request.

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