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Inconsistent inflector behaviour for uncountable words in a multi-word string separated by underscores #7132

chancancode opened this Issue · 5 comments

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# Single-word + uncountables = no problem!
"information".singularize # => "information"
"information".pluralize # => "information"

# Multi-word + spaces + countables = no problem!
"weird bugs".singularize # => "weird bug"
"weird bug".pluralize # => "weird bugs"

# Multi-word + spaces + uncountables = no problem!
"funky jeans".pluralize # => "funky jeans"
"funky jeans".singularize # => "funky jeans"

# Multi-word + underscores + countables = no problem!
"weird_bugs".singularize # => "weird_bug"
"weird_bug".pluralize # => "weird_bugs"

# Multi-word + underscores + uncountables = BOOM!
"funky_jeans".singularize # => "funky_jean"
"client_information".pluralize # => "client_informations"

I consider this a bug because...
1. According to this test case, pluralizing/singularizing a multi-word string is a supported feature
2. According to this test cases, pluralizing/singularizing a multi-word string separated by underscores is a supported feature
3. tableize depends on 2.
4. "funky_jeans".singularize used to work before 9b4622a:

mbp:godfrey rails [(no branch)] $ git checkout baebe7d0d5c82cc7bb0570ae7d17a947f9bf58f7
HEAD is now at baebe7d... Avoid Bundler Resolver bug until they solve the issue
mbp:godfrey rails [(no branch)] $ irb -Iactivesupport/lib
>> require 'active_support/all'
=> true
>> 'funky_jeans'.singularize
=> "funky_jeans"

However, as far as I know, "client_information".pluralize have always been (incorrectly) returning "client_informations", meaning that fixing this might break certain apps out there. singularize and pluralize used to go through different code paths, but 52fa34f merged them into a single path, so it's no longer possible to just fix the bug introduced in 9b4622a without affecting the other direction as well. (I don't think that's a very reasonable behaviour anyways.)

@chancancode chancancode referenced this issue from a commit in chancancode/rails
@chancancode chancancode Correctly apply inflection rules on uncountable multi-word strings.
Currently, apply_inflections does not take into account that the input might be a multi-word string separated by underscore. (tableize etc relies on this behavior to work correctly.) This bug affects only uncountable multi-word strings separated by underscores:

   "funky jeans".singularize # => "funky jeans"
   "client information".pluralize # => "client information"

   "funky_jeans".singularize # => "funky_jean"
   "client_information".pluralize # => "client_informations"

It's also worth pointing out that "funky_jeans".singularize used to work correctly before 9b4622a, which was merged almost 2 years ago so this is essentially broken since Rails 3.

On the other hand, it appears that "client_information".pluralize has always been broken, so this does change the behavior of tableize and could potentially break some older apps out there.

Closes #7132.

Generally, the inflector is frozen. I'll defer to @fxn on this particular case, though.


+1 This is an irritating case that is easily fixed by applying this existing rules across the words

@fxn fxn was assigned

@fxn could you take a look?


Since the PR fixing this issue (#7134) has been rejected, this should probably be closed as well!

@chancancode chancancode closed this
fxn commented

Yeah, this is something that has been discussed in the past. Basically, the behaviour of singularize and friends on multi-word strings is undefined, their contract only includes whole words.

@rafaelfranca rafaelfranca removed the stale label
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