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validations not called when model updating using nested attributes #7247

jarl-dk opened this Issue August 03, 2012 · 18 comments

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Jarl Friis Yves Senn Olek Janiszewski Steve Klabnik Rafael Mendonça França Matthew Ford
Jarl Friis

This is a reopen of #618 (import of

I am just upgrading my rails app to rails 3.2 and I have just discovered that the workaround suggested by Matt Jones:

    if value.reject { |v| v.marked_for_destruction? }.size < 1

Is still needed...

There are patches (for tests) that demonstrates the problem...

Olek Janiszewski

Maybe this is related? I think it was released in 3.2.0.

Edit: updated link.

Jarl Friis

I dont see the relation. This bug is regarding number of associated records, not the values in the associated records. And as I have also mentioned. The problem still exists in 3.2.


Jarl Friis

I have made a patch that demonstrates the problem, and similar another patch that demonstrates the workaround proposed by Matt Jones. You can find them here created with git format-patch -o 3-2-stable-ticket_7247 3-2-stable-ticket_7247^^ on my branch (based on 3-2-stable). The problem is also in master.

Jarl Friis

I now see that the original summary seems to be misleading, now the problem seems more to be that the destruction of a nested attribute is not within the transaction that is rolled back on the parent model (in case of failing validations)


Steve Klabnik

@jarl-dk if you have a patch that solves this, please open up a pull request; gists with patches will end up not being noticed.

Jarl Friis

I don't have a patch that solves the problem. My gist contains a patch that demonstrates the problem as a test (in the rails project)

Steve Klabnik

Ah! Sorry, I misread you. Thanks! That's halfway there... I'm sure that will help whoever ends up writing a patch.

Yves Senn

I investigated a bit:

  • The validations are being called
  • When validation occurs, the records are only marked as deleted but have not been deleted yet
  • The validations calls #length on the association, which just returns the size of the Array (including the deleted records)
  • validation passes and the record is saved and the associated object is deleted, which leaves inconsistent data

I'll write a patch but I'm not sure where we should adress the issue.

patching length to ignore entries, which are marked as deleted

This would be an easy fix but it's a hack and will almost for sure lead to other problems.


      def length

making the validator aware of deleted records

the validator currently only calls #length on the association so it's hard to subtract the deleted records. Also it does not seem to be the job of the validator in activemodel to account for a feature in activerecord


        value_length = value.respond_to?(:length) ? value.length : value.to_s.length

adding an activerecord specific validator

using a different method than #length if available

this would allow me to create a method on CollectionAssociation which returns the real length (not counting deleted records)

If someone more familiar to the activerecord and activemodel internals could give me a hint what way to go I'll write the patch.

Jarl Friis

I suggest the following people should be involved: Eloy Duran, Michael Koziarski, José Valim, Matt Jones, Adam Ingram-Goble. They have all looked at this earlier on

Personally I would lean towards your proposal to modify #length. That is also what Elan Duran has come up with. But I do like you and Elan share your worries regarding consequences other places in code. As a positive consequence it could also reveal code that actually should also use the new length (with deleted records uncounted), hence it will fix bugs that was otherwise not discovered yet :-|

Yves Senn

@jarl-dk I think you should "@mention" said people, so that they get notified.

my primary concern to patching #length is that it will break the Array API because if you access the array, the records are still inside. This means length does no longer say how many records are in the array.

Jarl Friis

OK, I have emails the mentioned people directly... Thanks for the tip...

Jarl Friis

Philosophically: When things are deleted (marked for deletion), is it then reasonable that they are still accessible from Array API? Maybe not, so that should maybe also be "fixed". And then the (Array) API would be consistent again.

Jarl Friis

@alloy, @NZKoz , @josevalim , @adamaig: Could you please participate?

Rafael Mendonça França

@senny I'd add a specific length validation on ActiveRecord. Want to work on it?

Yves Senn
senny commented March 24, 2013

@rafaelfranca I'll take a look at it.

Yves Senn senny referenced this issue from a commit March 25, 2013
Commit has since been removed from the repository and is no longer available.
Matthew Ford

@senny is this issue not the case with all other validations? I think im seeing the same problem with presence: true on an has_one association

Jarl Friis

For the test of it I tried to merge PR #9917 into 4-0-stable branch and after resolving a few trivial merge conflicts I can verify that the PR resolves the problem. Please merge it.

Jarl Friis

A more in depth investigation: I did tried to add the extra test as mentioned in #9917 (comment) and such test fails which makes it inconsistent between the errors messages (claiming that "pets is too short (minimum is 1)") and owner.pets.size which returns 1

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