Timezone parsing fails for JSON requests in test environment #7588

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Recently upgraded from 3.2.1 to 3.2.8 and found that something changed. Controller specs POSTing a hash containing :format => :json are no longer stringified, causing Time.zone.parse to fail with

undefined method 'sub' for Mon, 10 Sep 2012:Date


In spec:

it "should not fail" do
  attrs = @attributes.merge(:format => :json)    # <= hash without :format => :json has no problems
  post :create, attrs

In controller:

def create
  params[:thing][:date_field] = tz.parse(params[:thing][:date_field]).utc  # <= fails here
  @model = Thing.new(params[:thing])

Tracked down to Date.convert_american_to_iso(string#Date). Snip:

# Transform american date fromat into ISO format.
def convert_american_to_iso(string)
  string.sub(AMERICAN_DATE_RE){|m| "#$3-#$1-#$2"}

where the method is clearly expecting a string, but instead is getting a Date object. In other words, params[:thing][:date_field] is a Date, not a String, but only in the case when the paramter hash is annotated as JSON.

I am currently using a workaround in my specs:

@attributes[:thing] = @attributes[:thing].map{ |k, v| {k => v.to_s} }.reduce({}, :update)
post :create, @attributes.merge(:format => :json)

vipulnsward commented Aug 26, 2013

@adamstrickland can you confirm if this is still an issue against master?


senny commented Feb 4, 2014

@adamstrickland It's been another 5 month's without feedback. If you still experience this problem, please report back and provide an executable test-case or a sample application. This will help us to debug the issue.

senny closed this Feb 4, 2014

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