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Option for inserts/updates/deletes on the Postgres adapter to return all columns, not just the id #7856

robertsosinski opened this Issue · 2 comments

3 participants

Robert Sosinski Yves Senn Arun Agrawal
Robert Sosinski

Feature request:

By default with Rails, Postgres will return the id of a newly inserted record using returning "id". Sometimes when working with Postgres, tables will have triggers on them that modify the row's data while being saved. As such, it would be great to also provide an option for Postgres to also let insert/updates and deletes to use returning * (which will return the row as it looks after Postgres modified it).

What are everyone's thoughts on this?

Yves Senn

I think the policy is to publish feature requests on the rails-core mailing list. Github Issues is used for bugs and PR with attached code to implement new features but not discussions.

@rafaelfranca, @steveklabnik should this be submitted to rails-core and be closed here on Github?

Arun Agrawal

Yes please use mailing list.

Arun Agrawal arunagw closed this
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