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Created by Brian Durand - 2011-01-18 18:13:28 UTC

I've update the Rails Guide on ActiveRecord validation and callbacks to document the after_commit and after_rollback callbacks added in Rails 3.0.

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Comment by Peter Abrahamsen - 2011-04-06 18:32:17 UTC

This is great, thanks for doing it. I would like to see it explain the behavior around nested transactions. The desired behavior, and I think this is what AR implements is:

  • after_commit is triggered after the outermost transaction commits
  • after_rollback is triggered after the transaction the record was updated/whatever in is rolled back

This behavior should also be explained in the API docs.

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bdurand commented May 16, 2011

This issue can be closed. The change was already applied to the guides.


@bdurand Would be nice if you can mention the commit hash here. Easy for later reference. cc @josevalim

bdurand commented May 19, 2011

Committed in 017012b

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