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Imported from Lighthouse. Original ticket at:
Created by daniel lo - 2011-02-10 23:04:15 UTC


In this URL:

The documentation for table_name is missing ... something... See vvvv => a few lines down

class Invoice < ActiveRecord::Base; end;
file class table_name
invoice.rb Invoice invoices

vvvv => Here it IS ... there are 2 end; end at the line, but no extra class or module

class Invoice < ActiveRecord::Base; class Lineitem < ActiveRecord::Base; end; end;
file class table_name
invoice.rb Invoice::Lineitem invoice_lineitems



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What was the issue again? The earlier code was definitely hard on the eyes. But, I can't see any error there. I'm missing something?


Made changes to more readable. As you see it hard on eyes to read and understand

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Yes. I agree with that. But I cant see what was the error as reported in the ticket.


The Bug Description is not clear. But the documentation is not clear.


Yeah i agree with you vijay. We just made the changes for more readable

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