has_many :uniq should filter duplicates on insertion (<<) #8573

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turadg commented Dec 20, 2012

Use case and stop-gap solution are described in this StackOverflow QA.

Use case


class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :user_roles
  has_many :roles, :through => :user_roles

Dev wants to append a role without having to check:

user.roles << role  # automatically checks roles.include?

Novice Rails devs might assume that adding :uniq would work:

  has_many :roles, :through => :user_roles, :uniq => true

Of course it doesn't because that presently affects only queries, ignoring duplicates. What would be nice if it it also ignored attempts to add a duplicate, running up against any DB constraints.

A work-around described on the QA is:

  has_many :roles, :through => :user_roles do
    def <<(new_item)
      super( Array(new_item) - proxy_association.owner.roles )

Could this contextual redefinition of << be made automatically when marking a has_many as uniq?


rafaelfranca commented Dec 20, 2012

I don't think so. This is your domain logic so it your responsibility to check it. Also we don't get feature requests in the issues tracker.


turadg commented Dec 20, 2012

Sorry, I read "only bug reports and pull requests" in CONTRIBUTING and thought of it as a bug.

has_many dedupes. Why shouldn't has_many :through ?

saki7 commented May 2, 2013

+1 for this. I really consider this as a bug.

Why do you think that people using :uniq does not require de-duplication?
<< is actually an only way to append an element to the association; it really should take care about duplications by itself. Otherwise collection.where() becomes the only way to do that.


mbhnyc commented May 2, 2013

This keeps coming up!

see: #10047 (comment)

Will re-iterate my 👍 (and agree that it doesn't seem like the expected behavior and thus bug-esque) but apparently there's a race condition issue here — the (non-optimal) fix is to add an unique constraint on the database layer.

saki7 commented May 2, 2013

@mbhnyc Thanks for referencing! I'll check it out.

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