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can't have a column called scope #8850

robmathews opened this Issue · 11 comments

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Create a model Foo with a column called scope. Then try to find all the matching Foo by scope, like so:


You get this traceback:

[7] pry(main)> Foo.where(:scope=>1).first
SystemStackError: stack level too deep

This on rails 3.2.10 and ruby 1.9.3p327

I can provide more details if you want, but it seems pretty straightforward ...


scope is a reserved word, therefore using it as a column name will not work.


Well, scope isn't on this list as a reserved word for columns. It says to avoid using it as an association name, that is all. And I can't find any more up to date list of reserved words.


Yes, it'd be impossible to keep the list up-to-date.


Impossible to keep the list of up to date? Really?


That seems like a potential usability nightmare, if that's actually true. I don't have much stake in the original issue here, but just keeping a textual list somewhere seems pretty reasonable.

On the other hand, I admit that in a few years of rails work, I've never been bit by this....

If not a list somewhere, how should new rails devs know what column names to avoid? Has to be something you've got some input on from personal experience, @steveklabnik.


@robmathews Are you sure you can reproduce the situation with a vanilla app?
I tried in both master and newest 3.2 but Foo.where(:scope=>1).first just works fine for me.
I guess one of the gems you're bundling is actually causing your "stack level too deep".


AR models inherit from AR::Base, inherited methods are not reserved words, we are talking standard OOP.


Yes, because in AR a column definition triggers the definition of a method with the same name.

That's why you can have a blank User class and still be able to write There, name is a method that has been defined on the fly.

So all ends in the same place, you need to define class interfaces that play well with the methods they inherit.

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