update the guides to reflect the new `rails test` command #10073

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senny commented Apr 3, 2013

There were a few sections in the guides that still mentioned the rake tasks to run the tests. I updated them to reference the new rails test command and added some links to the testing guide.

Also while I was at it I reconditioned the references section in the testing guide.


senny commented Apr 3, 2013

+INFO: A good description of unit testing in Rails is given in
+[A Guide to Testing Rails Applications](testing.html)
+Rails comes with a test suite called `Test::Unit`. Rails owes its stability to

sikachu Apr 3, 2013


I'm not sure if we should call it Test::Unit specifically, since:

  1. It's now Minitest.
  2. Test classes are inherited from ActiveSupport::TestCase.

senny Apr 3, 2013


I copied this part from below so I don't mind using a different name.

@carlosantoniodasilva @rafaelfranca what do you guys think?


steveklabnik commented Apr 3, 2013

I thought rails test was going away, or at least, @tenderlove is shooting for it.


senny commented Apr 8, 2013

@steveklabnik thanks for the heads-up. As rails test won't be in Rails 4 this PR does not make a lot of sense.

@senny senny closed this Apr 8, 2013

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