Restore disconnection-handling for PostgresqlAdapter #13397

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Per #12867, #verify! is currently failing to recognise that the PostgreSQL connection has gone away.

The only way to truly confirm we can send a query is to do so, as was the case before 34c7e73.

So we need to put that behaviour back, while adding locking to protect against the reaper hitting a connection while it's in use.

Commits are currently split for easier discussion; this will obviously need to be squashed and changelogged before merge.

/cc @tenderlove

matthewd added some commits Dec 19, 2013
@matthewd matthewd Terminate the backend ourselves on PG 9.2+
This should make it harder to accidentally break this test.
@matthewd matthewd Test checking #active? while a query is running
This is the behaviour that 34c7e73 was seeking to allow.
@matthewd matthewd Restore functioning #active? for PostgreSQL
This reverts the substantive portion of 34c7e73.
@kainosnoema kainosnoema and 1 other commented on an outdated diff Dec 19, 2013
- end
- self.client_min_messages = @config[:min_messages] || 'warning'
- self.schema_search_path = @config[:schema_search_path] || @config[:schema_order]
- # Use standard-conforming strings if available so we don't have to do the E'...' dance.
- set_standard_conforming_strings
- # If using Active Record's time zone support configure the connection to return
- # (SET TIME ZONE does not use an equals sign like other SET variables)
- if ActiveRecord::Base.default_timezone == :utc
- execute("SET time zone 'UTC'", 'SCHEMA')
- elsif @local_tz
- execute("SET time zone '#{@local_tz}'", 'SCHEMA')
- end
+ synchronize do

The only two methods calling #configure_connection (#connect and #reconnect!) are already synchronized, and the method comment recommends against calling this directly. Maybe it's okay to skip it here?

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Well spotted; done.

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@matthewd matthewd Synchronize all access to the underlying PG connection
It's not thread-safe, and we need to safely issue queries from both the
owning thread and the reaper.
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I tried to allow the reaper to skip the lock-wait... but for some reason I'm yet to comprehend, that made things sad.


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We decided against using a lock

@matthewd matthewd closed this Mar 7, 2014
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