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Change pluralize method to return the singular form of a word if the count is 0 and the last argument to true. #13676

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Geoffrey Roguelon Robin Dupret José Valim
Geoffrey Roguelon


Currently with the ActionView::Helpers::TextHelper#pluralize method, we can't deal with the specific language rule about the zero value. For instance, in french, we use the singular form with the zero value:

  • 0 cats <> 0 chat
  • 1 cat == 1 chat
  • 2 cats == 2 chats

This pull request tries to solve this problem.


Geoffrey Roguelon GRoguelon Change ActionView::Helpers::TextHelper#pluralize to return the singul…
…ar form of a word if the count is 0 and the last argument to true.
Robin Dupret

Hello @GRoguelon,

Thanks for your patch. I'm pretty sure this will be rejected, you should rely on I18n instead (see for instance #8620 and this stackoverflow post) but I may be wrong so let's wait some feedback.

José Valim

I believe this is properly tackled by I18n gem. The issue is that this pull request solves the issue for french (and possibly a couple of other languages), but it doesn't solve the underlying issue of pluralization. For example, languages that pluralize with singular, few, and many still won't be supported.

José Valim josevalim closed this
Geoffrey Roguelon

I had not taken this into account, thank you for your reply. :smile:

Geoffrey Roguelon GRoguelon deleted the branch
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Commits on Jan 11, 2014
  1. Geoffrey Roguelon

    Change ActionView::Helpers::TextHelper#pluralize to return the singul…

    GRoguelon authored
    …ar form of a word if the count is 0 and the last argument to true.
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22 actionview/lib/action_view/helpers/text_helper.rb
@@ -195,8 +195,17 @@ def excerpt(text, phrase, options = {})
# pluralize(0, 'person')
# # => 0 people
- def pluralize(count, singular, plural = nil)
- word = if (count == 1 || count =~ /^1(\.0+)?$/)
+ #
+ # If you specify +zero_is_singular+ to true and if +count+ is zero, the
+ # method returns the singualar form.
+ #
+ # pluralize(0, 'person', nil, true)
+ # # => 0 person
+ #
+ # pluralize(0, 'person', 'users', true)
+ # # => 0 person
+ def pluralize(count, singular, plural = nil, zero_is_singular = false)
+ word = if singular?(count, zero_is_singular)
plural || singular.pluralize
@@ -445,6 +454,15 @@ def cut_excerpt_part(part_position, part, separator, options)
return affix, part.join(separator)
+ def singular?(count, zero_is_singular)
+ case (count ||= 0)
+ when Integer then count == 1 || zero_is_singular && count == 0
+ when String then count =~ /^#{zero_is_singular ? '0|1' : '1'}(\.0+)?$/
+ else
+ false
+ end
+ end
23 actionview/test/template/text_helper_test.rb
@@ -359,6 +359,29 @@ def test_pluralization
assert_equal("10 buffaloes", pluralize(10, "buffalo"))
assert_equal("1 berry", pluralize(1, "berry"))
assert_equal("12 berries", pluralize(12, "berry"))
+ assert_equal("0 counts", pluralize(0, "count"))
+ assert_equal("0.0 counts", pluralize('0.0', "count"))
+ assert_equal("0.00 counts", pluralize('0.00', "count"))
+ end
+ def test_pluralization_with_zero_singular
+ assert_equal("1 count", pluralize(1, "count", nil, true))
+ assert_equal("2 counts", pluralize(2, "count", nil, true))
+ assert_equal("1 count", pluralize('1', "count", nil, true))
+ assert_equal("2 counts", pluralize('2', "count", nil, true))
+ assert_equal("1,066 counts", pluralize('1,066', "count", nil, true))
+ assert_equal("1.25 counts", pluralize('1.25', "count", nil, true))
+ assert_equal("1.0 count", pluralize('1.0', "count", nil, true))
+ assert_equal("1.00 count", pluralize('1.00', "count", nil, true))
+ assert_equal("2 counters", pluralize(2, "count", "counters", true))
+ assert_equal("0 count", pluralize(nil, "count", "counters", true))
+ assert_equal("2 people", pluralize(2, "person", nil, true))
+ assert_equal("10 buffaloes", pluralize(10, "buffalo", nil, true))
+ assert_equal("1 berry", pluralize(1, "berry", nil, true))
+ assert_equal("12 berries", pluralize(12, "berry", nil, true))
+ assert_equal("0 count", pluralize(0, "count", nil, true))
+ assert_equal("0.0 count", pluralize('0.0', "count", nil, true))
+ assert_equal("0.00 count", pluralize('0.00', "count", nil, true))
def test_cycle_class
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