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association_preload.rb:336: warning: Object#type is deprecated #157

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Tom Stuart tomstuart referenced this pull request from a commit in econsultancy/rails
Ivan Torres mexpolk [PATCH] Update guides after Jeremy Kemper's changes on fieldWithErrors
to field_with_errors [#157 state:resolved]
This issue was closed.
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Jan 06, 2011
bluetrans-deploy bluetrans-deploy merge passed options f18cd30
Jan 07, 2011
bluetrans-deploy bluetrans-deploy Revert "merge passed options"
This reverts commit f18cd3045b2d7e7463df78d264de2f9dc138122e.
bluetrans-deploy bluetrans-deploy use Object#class instead of Object#type 0ee9e07
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2  activerecord/lib/active_record/association_preload.rb
@@ -333,7 +333,7 @@ def preload_belongs_to_association(records, reflection, preload_options={})
333 333
334 334 table_name = klass.quoted_table_name
335 335 primary_key = reflection.options[:primary_key] || klass.primary_key
336   - column_type = klass.columns.detect{|c| == primary_key}.type
  336 + column_type = klass.columns.detect{|c| == primary_key}.class
337 337 ids = do |id|
338 338 if column_type == :integer
339 339 id.to_i

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