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Make sure `escape_javascript` return `SafeBuffer` if the incoming argumen #1611

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Make sure escape_javascript return SafeBuffer if the incoming argument is already html_safe

@tenderlove tenderlove merged commit b6a2157 into rails:3-0-stable
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Commits on Jun 9, 2011
  1. @sikachu

    Make sure `escape_javascript` return `SafeBuffer` if the incoming arg…

    sikachu committed
    …ument is already html_safe
2 actionpack/CHANGELOG
@@ -1,5 +1,7 @@
*Rails 3.0.9 (unreleased)*
+* Make sure escape_js returns SafeBuffer string if it receives SafeBuffer string [Prem Sichanugrist]
* Fix text helpers to work correctly with the new SafeBuffer restriction [Paul Gallagher, Arun Agrawal, Prem Sichanugrist]
3 actionpack/lib/action_view/helpers/javascript_helper.rb
@@ -49,7 +49,8 @@ module JavaScriptHelper
# Escape carrier returns and single and double quotes for JavaScript segments.
def escape_javascript(javascript)
if javascript
- javascript.gsub(/(\\|<\/|\r\n|[\n\r"'])/) {|match| JS_ESCAPE_MAP[match] }
+ result = javascript.gsub(/(\\|<\/|\r\n|[\n\r"'])/) {|match| JS_ESCAPE_MAP[match] }
+ javascript.html_safe? ? result.html_safe : result
2 actionpack/test/template/javascript_helper_test.rb
@@ -36,6 +36,8 @@ def test_escape_javascript_with_safebuffer
expect = %(\\'quoted\\' \\"double-quoted\\" new-line:\\n <\\/closed>)
assert_equal expect, escape_javascript(given)
assert_equal expect, escape_javascript(
+ assert_instance_of String, escape_javascript(given)
+ assert_instance_of ActiveSupport::SafeBuffer, escape_javascript(
def test_button_to_function
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