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Small fix to the default rails .gitignore #164

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telemachus commented Jan 14, 2011

rails new produces a .gitignore file that uses Ruby-style globbing that git doesn't recognize (tmp/**/*). As a result, something like tmp/foo.rb would not be ignored.

A simple tmp/ should ignore the tmp directory - whatever it contains in terms of files or sub-directories..


samuelkadolph commented Jan 14, 2011

Isn't just tmp good enough? We should be consistent between .bundle and tmp/.


mikel commented Jan 29, 2011

tmp would ignore any file that is called tmp. tmp/ is correct.

Pulled and pushed, thanks for the fix.


samuelkadolph commented Jan 31, 2011

For the record, gitignore passes in any ignore line with an * that also has a / to the system's fnmatch. So while gitignore doesn't say it recognizes tmp/**/* it does get passed to the system which most likely does recognize it.

From man gitignore


telemachus commented Jan 31, 2011

Yup, I put that imprecisely: git recognizes the phrase tmp/**/*, but it interprets that syntax differently from Ruby. A file tmp/foo.rb would not be ignored by git using the old gitignore file, and I thought that was a mistake. (That is, I'm still assuming that whoever wrote the original gitignore file wanted to ignore the tmp directory and anything in it, to whatever depth.)

This issue was closed.

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