Changed to in plugin.rb and other files. #1668

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Changed to in changelog and other files.
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@bagwanpankaj These links are not working any more. I think don't need to change them in CHANGELOG.

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The CHANGELOG entries should be left as they are as they're historical entries, however there's merit in updating the error message in dependencies.rb and the example in plugin.rb. However it needs to be a relevant url for dependencies.rb and the svn example in plugin.rb needs to be obviously fake. Create a new pull request with just these changes and I'll merge it.

@pixeltrix pixeltrix closed this Jun 12, 2011

Okay @pixeltrix I'll do that.

@jake3030 jake3030 pushed a commit to jake3030/rails that referenced this pull request Jun 28, 2011
@josh josh Memoize request accessors on the Rack env so other request objects ha…
…ve access to the same cache [#1668 state:resolved]
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