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Encode the uploaded file's name in utf8 - Closes #869 #1689

merged 2 commits into from Jun 14, 2011

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See related issue : #869

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Thanks for the pull request, but there are a few changes still required here:

1) AS provides a method on the string called encoding_aware? that returns true if the encoding system is available. please use it instead of respond_to.

2) We cannot hardcode it to utf8. We should probably check default_external or whatever the current code in AD is using for encoding the rest of the request. force_encoding in general is not an option.

/cc @wycats


Oh ok, I saw the encoding_aware method but as it didn't respond in irb in 1.8, I thought it was only 1.9.
I didn't think it would be implemented by AS. I'll use it.

I'll also look into not hardcoding it.

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I have pushed again in my fork with your suggestions.

Ruby on Rails member

Much cleaner by moving it to its own method. :)

Let's wait for @wycats feedback. Although Rails is using default_external for loading templates, it seems we are hardcoding the request to be UTF-8 (which kinda makes sense). So actually your first implementation would be more correct according to this commit from Yehuda:


Sorry about that. :(

@josevalim josevalim merged commit deff597 into rails:master Jun 14, 2011

Shoud not there be assert_equal instead of plain assert?

Surely it should, my bad. Do you want to make a pull request ?

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