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I have encountered (probably) the following problem in a 2.3.12 app:

We have a route with :method => :post

In our controller test, calling post action, … fails unless I explicity set a :format => :post parameter although that should have been inferred by the assign_parameters method.

The reason for this is, as far as I figured out:
assign_parameters calls Route#extra_keys
_extra_keys calls RouteSet#generate_extras
__which in turn calls route_generate_raw
__which doesn't return a path
_which causes RouteSet#generate to raise a RoutingError

I'm not sure where exactly to fix this problem.
I'd simply add a line or two to assign_parameters that adds the :format to the options but I'm happy to implement other suggestions.

See issue #1692

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You're not defining the route correctly - this test passes:

  def test_routing_with_method
    with_routing do |set|
      set.draw { |map| map.connect 'testmethod', :controller => 'test_test/test', :action => 'create', :conditions => { :method => :post } }
      assert_nothing_raised {
        post :create
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Ooops, you're right. Sorry.

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