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link_to doesn't allow rel attribute when also specifying method #1796

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When using link_to and specifying a relation and a method like:

link_to('Somesuch', '/path', :method => :post, :rel => 'junk')

It generates:

    <a href="/path" data-method="post" rel="nofollow">Somesuch</a>

But this method should also allow me to specify my own relation like:

    <a href="/path" data-method="post" rel="junk nofollow">Somesuch</a>

Just commenting here so I can track this pull request for closure on the original StackOverflow question I posted over there. :)


@jdeseno can you add a test case please?


@jdeseno: You rock! Would love to see this pulled into master. As defined by the W3, the rel attribute on link tags should allow such values:

This attribute describes the relationship from the current document to the anchor specified by the href attribute. The value of this attribute is a space-separated list of link types.

@spastorino spastorino merged commit 7f6eed0 into from
@jake3030 jake3030 referenced this pull request from a commit in jake3030/rails
@levinalex levinalex Make TimeWithZone#to_formatted_s an alias to TimeWithZone#to_s [#1796

Is there a way to get this reopened? It looks like this code never made it into the Rails 3.1 branch. Shouldn't it be included there?

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4 actionpack/lib/action_view/helpers/url_helper.rb
@@ -619,7 +619,9 @@ def link_to_remote_options?(options)
def add_method_to_attributes!(html_options, method)
- html_options["rel"] = "nofollow" if method.to_s.downcase != "get"
+ if method && method.to_s.downcase != "get"
+ html_options["rel"] = "#{html_options["rel"].to_s} nofollow".split(" ").uniq.join(" ")
+ end
html_options["data-method"] = method
7 actionpack/test/template/url_helper_test.rb
@@ -245,6 +245,13 @@ def test_link_tag_using_delete_javascript_and_href
+ def test_link_tag_using_post_javascript_and_rel
+ assert_dom_equal(
+ "<a href='' data-method=\"post\" rel=\"example nofollow\">Hello</a>",
+ link_to("Hello", "", :method => :post, :rel => 'example')
+ )
+ end
def test_link_tag_using_post_javascript_and_confirm
"<a href=\"\" data-method=\"post\" rel=\"nofollow\" data-confirm=\"Are you serious?\">Hello</a>",
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