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remove extra require for 'active_support/dependencies' as it is required #2377

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Vishnu Atrai Santiago Pastorino
Vishnu Atrai
vatrai commented

remove extra require for 'active_support/dependencies' as it is required in abstract_unit.rb

Santiago Pastorino spastorino merged commit 0fd7857 into from
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Jul 31, 2011
Vishnu Atrai vatrai remove extra require for 'active_support/dependencies' as it is requi…
…red in abstract_unit.rb
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  1. +0 1  actionpack/test/controller/routing_test.rb
1  actionpack/test/controller/routing_test.rb
... ... @@ -1,7 +1,6 @@
1 1 # encoding: utf-8
2 2 require 'abstract_unit'
3 3 require 'controller/fake_controllers'
4   -require 'active_support/dependencies'
5 4 require 'active_support/core_ext/object/with_options'
6 5
7 6 class MilestonesController < ActionController::Base

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