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Calling `request.params` in routing constraints cannot interfere with subsequent routes. [Closes #2510] #2531

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Commits on Aug 15, 2011
  1. @joevandyk @franckverrot

    Demonstrates a routing bug.

    joevandyk committed with franckverrot Aug 12, 2011
    When you call 'request.params' in a constraint matcher, subsequent
    routes don't have their path attributes set correctly.
    In this case, a URL of '/about' would have params[:something] == 'about' in the route
      match ':id'
    Adding this constraint and route causes the following test to fail.
      1) Failure:
    <"home"> expected but was
  2. @franckverrot

    Calling `request.params` in routing constraints cannot interfere with…

    franckverrot committed Aug 15, 2011
    … subsequent routes. [Closes #2510]
    As the same request is reused thru all the routing constraints,
    accessing a memoized form of `params` would prevent the router from
    redefining it with a new set of parameters (the current route
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