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Fix CI and rename 1 misleading test case. #2620

merged 2 commits into from over 2 years ago

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Franck Verrot Santiago Pastorino
Franck Verrot

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Franck Verrot

This should be cherry-picked on 3-1-stable and #f63a134 on master if possible.

Santiago Pastorino spastorino merged commit 9d1fc08 into from August 21, 2011
Santiago Pastorino spastorino closed this August 21, 2011
Aaron Patterson tenderlove referenced this pull request from a commit August 22, 2011
Aaron Patterson Merge branch '3-1-stable' into 3-1-0
* 3-1-stable: (21 commits)
  Added a test to check for correct behaviour with no options in add_index command recorder
  Using .try to test for the existence of a method option in a nil-resistent manner. Inlined the determination of the options hash for reversing using a ternary operator. Shortens the method in a way that keeps the code neat
  Neatened up the invert_add_index method as per suggeston
  Simple fix for correctly inverting an add_index migration when a name has been provided
  Merge pull request #2524 from JonathonMA/fix_ecd37084b28a05f05251
  Fix Sprockets rewrite_asset_path
  Merge pull request #2620 from cesario/3-1-0
  Fix sprockets warnings
  Use typewriter styling on url_for in documentation
  Merge pull request #2609 from guilleiguaran/bump-sprockets-beta14
  remove extra space since comment_if already returns the space. (cherry picked from commit 5e73a2f)
  Merge pull request #2596 from dharmatech/patch-1
  Merge pull request #2595 from smartinez87/assets-guide
  Merge pull request #2597 from dharmatech/patch-2
  Merge pull request #2604 from vijaydev/params_wrapper_docs
  Merge pull request #2602 from ernie/fix_predicate_builder_primary_key_assumption
  Merge pull request #2603 from vijaydev/guides
  Merge pull request #2581 from guilleiguaran/debug-assets-in-dev
  Revert "Deprecate the use of non-public methods by Module#delegate"
  mailer guide: fixes indentation, and use fixed width fonts wherever necessary
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2  railties/lib/rails/generators/app_base.rb
@@ -131,7 +131,7 @@ def include_all_railties?
131 131
132 132
133 133
       def comment_if(value)
-        options[value] ? '#' : ''
+        options[value] ? '# ' : ''
135 135
136 136
137 137
       def rails_gemfile_entry
2  railties/test/generators/app_generator_test.rb
@@ -174,7 +174,7 @@ def test_generator_if_skip_active_record_is_given
174 174
     assert_file "test/performance/browsing_test.rb"
175 175
176 176
-  def test_generator_if_skip_active_record_is_given
+  def test_generator_if_skip_sprockets_is_given
178 178
     run_generator [destination_root, "--skip-sprockets"]
179 179
     assert_file "config/application.rb" do |content|
180 180
       assert_match(/#\s+require\s+["']sprockets\/railtie["']/, content)

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