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Default Message Encryptor Cipher to AES-256-GCM From AES-256-CBC #29263

merged 1 commit into from Jun 11, 2017
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Just for now

@@ -630,7 +630,7 @@ def initialize(parent_jar)
secret = key_generator.generate_key(request.encrypted_cookie_salt || "")[0, ActiveSupport::MessageEncryptor.key_len]
sign_secret = key_generator.generate_key(request.encrypted_signed_cookie_salt || "")

@legacy_encryptor =, sign_secret, digest: digest, serializer: ActiveSupport::MessageEncryptor::NullSerializer)
@legacy_encryptor =, sign_secret, cipher: "aes-256-cbc", digest: digest, serializer: ActiveSupport::MessageEncryptor::NullSerializer)

def decrypt_and_verify_legacy_encrypted_message(name, signed_message)
@@ -19,7 +19,17 @@ module ActiveSupport
# encrypted_data = crypt.encrypt_and_sign('my secret data') # => "NlFBTTMwOUV5UlA1QlNEN2xkY2d6eThYWWh..."
# crypt.decrypt_and_verify(encrypted_data) # => "my secret data"
class MessageEncryptor
DEFAULT_CIPHER = "aes-256-cbc"
class << self
attr_accessor :use_authenticated_message_encryption #:nodoc:

def default_cipher #:nodoc:
if use_authenticated_message_encryption

module NullSerializer #:nodoc:
def self.load(value)
@@ -45,7 +55,7 @@ class InvalidMessage < StandardError; end
OpenSSLCipherError = OpenSSL::Cipher::CipherError

# Initialize a new MessageEncryptor. +secret+ must be at least as long as
# the cipher key size. For the default 'aes-256-cbc' cipher, this is 256
# the cipher key size. For the default 'aes-256-gcm' cipher, this is 256
# bits. If you are using a user-entered secret, you can generate a suitable
# key by using <tt>ActiveSupport::KeyGenerator</tt> or a similar key
# derivation function.
@@ -66,7 +76,7 @@ def initialize(secret, *signature_key_or_options)
sign_secret = signature_key_or_options.first
@secret = secret
@sign_secret = sign_secret
@cipher = options[:cipher] || DEFAULT_CIPHER
@cipher = options[:cipher] || self.class.default_cipher
@digest = options[:digest] || "SHA1" unless aead_mode?
@verifier = resolve_verifier
@serializer = options[:serializer] || Marshal
@@ -85,7 +95,7 @@ def decrypt_and_verify(value)

# Given a cipher, returns the key length of the cipher to help generate the key of desired size
def self.key_len(cipher = DEFAULT_CIPHER)
def self.key_len(cipher = default_cipher)

@@ -7,6 +7,13 @@ class Railtie < Rails::Railtie # :nodoc:

config.eager_load_namespaces << ActiveSupport

initializer "active_support.set_authenticated_message_encryption" do |app|
if app.config.active_support.respond_to?(:use_authenticated_message_encryption)
ActiveSupport::MessageEncryptor.use_authenticated_message_encryption =

initializer "active_support.reset_all_current_attributes_instances" do |app|
app.reloader.before_class_unload { ActiveSupport::CurrentAttributes.clear_all }
app.executor.to_run { ActiveSupport::CurrentAttributes.reset_all }
@@ -92,6 +92,10 @@ def load_defaults(target_version)
action_dispatch.use_authenticated_cookie_encryption = true

if respond_to?(:active_support)
active_support.use_authenticated_message_encryption = true

raise "Unknown version #{target_version.to_s.inspect}"
@@ -13,3 +13,7 @@
# Use AES 256 GCM authenticated encryption for encrypted cookies.
# Existing cookies will be converted on read then written with the new scheme.
# Rails.application.config.action_dispatch.use_authenticated_cookie_encryption = true

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kaspth Jun 6, 2017


Ideally, we should be able to remove this config and use the below one to infer it. But that's for another time.

cc @mikeycgto

# Use AES-256-GCM authenticated encryption as default cipher for encrypting messages
# instead of AES-256-CBC, when use_authenticated_message_encryption is set to true.
# Rails.application.config.active_support.use_authenticated_message_encryption = true
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