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Add Active Storage to Rails #30020

merged 396 commits into from Aug 4, 2017

Add Active Storage to Rails #30020

merged 396 commits into from Aug 4, 2017


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@rafaelfranca rafaelfranca commented Jul 31, 2017

Need to address a few issues:

  • How should the initial migration be seeded? I'm thinking probably just generate it in db/migrations on new apps.
  • Move the direct_upload: true convenience option from the activestorage helper into actionview.
  • Address how Rails' CI can run the cloud service integration tests.
jeremy and others added 30 commits Jul 8, 2017
…agents don't respect Content-Disposition filename
Disk storage: ensure URLs end with the blob filename
Disk service: use binary IO throughout, not UTF-8
Pass separate primary service and list of mirrors rather than treating
the first of the services list as the primary. Nice fit for keyword args,
and something we've long wanted in the equivalent Basecamp file repository.

Upload returns the results of the underlying service uploads rather than
the io.rewind result. Rewind before uploading rather than afterward, and
demonstrate that behavior with a test.

Test that more than one mirror works.
* Move service configuration from the Engine to Service
* Delegate configuration mechanics to internal Service::Configurator
* Delegate service building to the concrete Service classes, allowing
  them to configure composed services.
* Implement for the Mirror service.
First arg is config for the service we're instantiating.

Second arg is service configurations so we can look up and configure
other services by name.
* takes the literal YAML config hash for the service and a
  reference to the Configurator that's doing the building.
* Services that compose additional services can use the Configurator to
  look them up and build them by name. See MirrorService for an example.

References #23
Clarify how a service can build other composed services
Since configuration is a nested hash we need to symbolize all keys
of the hash. Othervise fetcing will fail on start
Symbolize all keys inside configuration nested hash
# Conflicts:
#	lib/active_storage/engine.rb
#	lib/active_storage/service.rb
#	lib/active_storage/service/disk_service.rb
#	lib/active_storage/service/s3_service.rb
#	test/service/s3_service_test.rb
#	test/test_helper.rb
So tests pass when service configs aren't set up.

References #28
Since we use new aws-sdk API, I've scoped aws-sdk version
so someone doesn't accidentaly installs wrong version during the
* Use simple core API for duck-type compat with other clients
* initialize: accept an existing client
* initialize: accept arbitrary client args instead of a fixed, required set
* download: use native get_object streaming, no need to implement range requests
* exists?: use head_object (which returns immediately) rather than waiting for existence
@@ -0,0 +1,22 @@
# Take a signed permanent reference for a blob and turn it into an expiring service URL for download.

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claudiob Aug 3, 2017

How are these four controllers in app/controllers/active_storage intended to be used in a Rails app?
Are they meant as superclasses to inherit from?

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georgeclaghorn Aug 3, 2017

Are they meant as superclasses to inherit from?

No, though you could probably extend them if you so desired. Apps use them by sending requests to them, either via routes or DiskService#url{,_for_direct_upload}.

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kaspth Aug 3, 2017

Active Storage is a Rails::Engine so the controllers (and their routes) are available in users' Rails apps 😄

dhh and others added 9 commits Aug 3, 2017
When Active Storage is not loaded and direct_upload is used on
file_field_tag we should not raise an exception.
Also make sure file_field doesn't mutate the original options passed in.
FormHelper includes FormTagHelper so we don't need to define two methods
It's worth considering whether we should hide these by default, but I'm kinda thinking no. It's very reasonable that someone would want to call these directly, so they should be documented.
Everything inside the app directory of a engine is autoload/eager loaded automatically so we don't need to require them.

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@dhh dhh commented on f601a01 Aug 3, 2017


rafaelfranca and others added 13 commits Aug 3, 2017
Make Rubocop happy about ActiveStorage
Change azure core dependency
We are already removing the braces around hash parameters in the last
argument in other places so we should not change the entire codebase
because of two places.
And deal with a temporary test fix until we allow you to skip active storage.
What we want to test is that two different calls to isolate_namespace
with the same module doesn't change the original railtie. We can do that
defining two different railties.

We can't call in the application because this method is not supposed to
be called in an Application class.
The test was passing before because it was not being testes correctly.

Now we create a different engine that is loaded before the already
exising and we make sure that the first call for isolate_namespace is
what takes effect.
Before we forget...
If an AWS bucket name includes a `.` (e.g. ``), then the canonical
URL for an object will start with ""
and not with "".

The URL tests have now been separated into two separate asserts, to ensure
that both the "" and the "" components are included,
but not specifically in that order.
@dhh dhh merged commit 5528406 into master Aug 4, 2017
0 of 3 checks passed
0 of 3 checks passed
codeclimate 3 issues to fix
continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr The Travis CI build is in progress
continuous-integration/travis-ci/push The Travis CI build is in progress
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@kaspth kaspth commented Aug 5, 2017

Wups! It works! ❤️

@georgeclaghorn georgeclaghorn deleted the active-storage-import branch Aug 14, 2017

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@claudiob claudiob commented on app/models/active_storage/variant.rb in ac26aef Feb 11, 2018

@georgeclaghorn Currently

you must add gem "mini_magick" to your Gemfile if you wish to use variants.

This makes sense but I was wondering… what if your code didn't raise an error if you don't have mini_magick and just threw a warning in the log? In other words, avatar.variant(resize: "100x100") would simply return the original image with a warning.

It's just a thought, inspired by the fact that ImageAnalyzer does exactly that:

    rescue LoadError "Skipping image analysis because the mini_magick gem isn't installed"
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