Make sure video tags with multiple sources works with asset fingerprints. #3050

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When using a video_tag with multiple sources in production the files are not found if using the asset unique fingerprints. When source is not an array video_tag has the expected result.

Also, I want to add type attribute to each source. The final markup should be

<source src="/assets/video-afafsafa876fa8f76af6af7a6faaf8f6f.mp4" type="video/mp4" />

guilleiguaran commented Sep 16, 2011

@Godisemo can you provide a test for this?

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of experience with testing. I have tried that this works but it would be good if someone else wrote the tests, or at least instructed me how to.


spastorino commented Sep 17, 2011

video_tag, image_tag and audio_tag are there for backwards compatibility. You should use asset_tag, add stuff in app/assets but also a 250Mb video is not going to be cached so I don't see why do you need it with a digest in the file name. Just put it in public?

@spastorino At least it is inconsistent if we get the digested path when using video tag with a single source but we don't when we have an array.


guilleiguaran commented Mar 23, 2012

This was fixed already

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