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Fix ActiveResource nested resources not being persisted #3107

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Any nested resources with an ActiveResource object are not persisted so actions such as destroy won't work.
This patches ActiveResource::Base#load to set any nested resources as persisted.

I was debating simply passing in true as opposed to attrs.has_key?(resource.primary_key.to_s), thoughts?

I also changed the setup fixtures keys in load_test.rb to be strings, to avoid calling stringify_keys everywhere (should be working with string keys anyways through ActiveResource).


+1, would be nice to use methods like new? and reload on nested resources

trybeee commented Nov 10, 2011

+1, #update doesn't work on nested resources, trying to #create instead.

cjolly commented Feb 1, 2012

+1 this also breaks the dom_id method which can affect dependent javascripts and css

anikkar commented Feb 24, 2012

+1 this also breaks pithy link_to helpers for named routes

Ruby on Rails member

Active Resource is not part of Rails core anymore, it was extracted to its own repo. Please make sure you test with the latest version - 3.2 in this case - and if the issue still persists, feel free to open a pull request there. I'm closing the issue here, thanks!

dguerri commented Jul 10, 2012

+1 could you please submit this to the active resource repo ?

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