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grentis commented Dec 28, 2011

Hi all,
I have a problem using content_for with nested layouts. I have a template like this one

    <h1><%= content_for :box_title %></h1>
    <div class="box_content">
      <%= yield %>

called for render multiple partials from a view

  <%= render partial: 'agents_box', layout: 'layouts/internal/box' %>
  <%= render partial: 'users_box', layout: 'layouts/internal/box' %>


<% content_for_clear :box_title do %>Server Management<% end %>


<% content_for_clear :box_title do %>Users<% end %>

Due to the behavior of the content_for function (concatenate) the page is not displayed correctly. (the first h1 contains "Server Management" and the second one "Server ManagementUsers")

In order to solve this kind of problem I updated the content_for method to accept another parameter (flush - false by default) used to decide if the content should be concatenated or replaced.

Using this in my example the page is displayed in the right way


<% content_for :box_title, true do %>Server Management<% end %>


<% content_for :box_title, true do %>Users<% end %>

Hope this can be useful also for other people


It looks good, but we probably should do something like this: flush = content if block_given? so we don't always need to pass the second parameter as nil when using the block form.

sikachu commented Dec 29, 2011

Agree with @josevalim. Would you please fix that and force-push to your branch?

grentis commented Dec 29, 2011

I made the changes... I hope I have done the right things with the force-push process

@josevalim josevalim merged commit 5ac0273 into rails:master Dec 29, 2011
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