2.3 association collection's find_or_create_by doesn't accept hashes. #4331

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baroquebobcat commented Jan 5, 2012

I was updating a 2.3.8 app to 2.3.14 and ran into an issue where association's find_or_create_by* methods no longer accepted hashes. When passing a hash to a dynamic finder, this would happen:

joe = Person.friends.find_or_create_by_name :name => 'joe'
#=> {:name => 'joe'}

This patch changes a test to check that a find_or_create_by created object has the expected attribute value & changes AssociationCollection#method_missing so that find_or_create_by* will accept either a single hash as an argument, or a list of arguments corresponding to the find_or_create_by* attributes followed by a hash.

  • find_or_create_by_foo :foo => 'bar', :baz => 'qux'
  • find_or_create_by_foo 'foo', :baz => 'qux'

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baroquebobcat Jan 9, 2012


Closing. 2.3 isn't accepting patches other than security ones.


baroquebobcat commented Jan 9, 2012

Closing. 2.3 isn't accepting patches other than security ones.

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