Allow extending ActiveResource models by assigning custom connection #4428

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dim commented Jan 12, 2012

APIs aren't always easy, sometimes they want you to do something very special, something there is no hook in ActiveResource::Connection for. Extending connections isn't very slick at the moment, it requires you to overload ActiveResource::Base.connection in your models or some dirty patching.

The solution above allows users to assign a connection class in their models, allowing a new dimension of API customisations. I could also think of opportunities for new gems, with Connection classes that use other HTTP libraries, e.g. activeresource-excon-connection, etc. These would then be applicable on a model-by-model basis.


PS: Original pull request - #4421


arunagw commented Apr 19, 2012

Hey @dim

Closing this for now. As ActiveResource is moved here. you can open this PR on ActiveResource repo.

If you will not be able to do. Just let me know I can open a PR for the same.


arunagw closed this Apr 19, 2012

dim commented Apr 19, 2012

I won't be able to re-open this issue for the next few days at least, worried that I will forget. It's such a minor change and has soo many great and important implications. Could you please re-open it?

arunagw reopened this Apr 21, 2012


arunagw commented May 18, 2012

This PR cannot be merged into master as ActiveResource is moved. Please reopen this for 3-2-stable.

And for master open this here ActiveResource here

arunagw closed this May 18, 2012

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