use const_defined? with second argument in AS::Dependencies #4431

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@@ -371,10 +371,6 @@ def qualified_const_defined?(path)
Object.qualified_const_defined?(path.sub(/^::/, ''), false)
- def local_const_defined?(mod, const) #:nodoc:
- mod.const_defined?(const, false)
- end
# Given +path+, a filesystem path to a ruby file, return an array of constant
# paths which would cause Dependencies to attempt to load this file.
def loadable_constants_for_path(path, bases = autoload_paths)
@@ -475,7 +471,7 @@ def load_missing_constant(from_mod, const_name)
raise ArgumentError, "A copy of #{from_mod} has been removed from the module tree but is still active!"
- raise NameError, "#{from_mod} is not missing constant #{const_name}!" if local_const_defined?(from_mod, const_name)
+ raise NameError, "#{from_mod} is not missing constant #{const_name}!" if from_mod.const_defined?(const_name, false)
qualified_name = qualified_name_for from_mod, const_name
path_suffix = qualified_name.underscore
@@ -484,12 +480,12 @@ def load_missing_constant(from_mod, const_name)
if file_path && ! loaded.include?(File.expand_path(file_path)) # We found a matching file to load
require_or_load file_path
- raise LoadError, "Expected #{file_path} to define #{qualified_name}" unless local_const_defined?(from_mod, const_name)
+ raise LoadError, "Expected #{file_path} to define #{qualified_name}" unless from_mod.const_defined?(const_name, false)
return from_mod.const_get(const_name)
elsif mod = autoload_module!(from_mod, const_name, qualified_name, path_suffix)
return mod
elsif (parent = from_mod.parent) && parent != from_mod &&
- ! from_mod.parents.any? { |p| local_const_defined?(p, const_name) }
+ ! from_mod.parents.any? { |p| p.const_defined?(const_name, false) }
# If our parents do not have a constant named +const_name+ then we are free
# to attempt to load upwards. If they do have such a constant, then this
# const_missing must be due to from_mod::const_name, which should not