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Fix contributing guide to reflect preferred position on indentation #4685

merged 1 commit into from Jan 26, 2012
@fxn fxn merged commit 70b0598 into rails:master Jan 26, 2012
Ruby on Rails member


Ruby on Rails member

I've been secretly outdenting these for quite some time. :trollface:

Nice... But I can't wait for the day until tabs are used for indentation!

It changes everything. Again.

OMG! Rails isn't for beginners anymore!

Personally, I'm a fan of outdenting the private/protected declaration itself, like this:

class Foo

  def public_method
    # method definition goes here


  def private_method
    # method definition goes here


This helps private/protected stand out and is similar to the common indentation pattern for begin/rescue/ensure/end.

I tend to indent methods after private/protected because it makes them stand out. @sferik's approach works just as well.

I'm +1 for @sferik's suggestion

Hey how about this

class Module
  alias :______________________________PRIVATE______________________________  :private

class Foo

  def hello
    print "hello"


  def world
    print " world!\n"
end # => dissed!

@sferik I like your style!

@sferik I am with you on this. Outdenting make codes more readable as eyes would be able to catch the differences easily. 👎 on this change

Definitely with @sferik on this one. Making the distinction makes scanning code much faster.

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