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Replacing Ordered Hash to Ruby Hash #4929

wants to merge 44 commits into from

Since Ruby 1.9 + defaults Hash works as Ordered Hash and rails 4 has minimum requirement of ruby 1.9 ++ we can replace the ActiveSupport Ordered hash to ruby hash.

karevn and others added some commits Nov 28, 2011
@karevn karevn Fix: when using subdomains and constraints, request params were not p…
…assed to constraints callback
@brainopia brainopia Update time zone offset information 91dd0dd
@guilleiguaran guilleiguaran Update Release Notes: sprockets-rails section should be inside of Act…
…ionPack section
@guilleiguaran guilleiguaran Adding Action Mailer section to 3.2 release notes 62dae59
@rafaelfranca rafaelfranca Refactor button_to helper to use token_tag method c39095a
@rafaelfranca rafaelfranca Extract method_tag e8a21ab
@nashby nashby remove ruby 1.8 related code c47b7d2
@exviva exviva Add ActiveRecord::Base#with_lock
Add a `with_lock` method to ActiveRecord objects, which starts
a transaction, locks the object (pessimistically) and yields to the block.
The method takes one (optional) parameter and passes it to `lock!`.


    class Order < ActiveRecord::Base
      def cancel!
        transaction do
          # ... cancelling logic


    class Order < ActiveRecord::Base
      def cancel!
        with_lock do
          # ... cancelling logic
@lest lest refactor RAILS_CACHE deprecation
that was introduced in 6f8159c
prasath Refactored class methods on address render test 272f1ce
@vijaydev vijaydev revise wording [ci skip] 12ef09f
@fujimura fujimura update release note: timestamps is non-null as default c93299f
@simonbaird simonbaird Fix small typo in mail_to docs in url_helper.rb 19e2bc6
@kennyj kennyj Convert URI.parser.parse to URI.parse, and remove ruby 1.8.x code. b7e88aa
@vijaydev vijaydev select doesn't take multiple arguments - fixes #4539 [ci skip]
Also, fixed the bit about returning AM::MissingAttributeError. This
seems to be fixed earlier in 3-2-stable only.
@vijaydev vijaydev revising release notes [ci skip] 1133abd
@j-manu j-manu Fix for log tailer when the log file doesn't exist. 1c7a699
@tenderlove tenderlove do not do reverse lookups on incoming requests for webrick. fixes #4542 4b21a2f
@trotter trotter Fix documentation bug in Rails::Engine 9eeb8fc
@tenderlove tenderlove move tagged logging to a module, stop proxying every method call c837366
@tenderlove tenderlove avoid useless is_a checks 6e0202f
@tenderlove tenderlove remove unused captures ed26322
@carlosantoniodasilva carlosantoniodasilva Use performed? instead of checking for response_body
* Check for performed? instead of response_body
* Change performed? to return a boolean
* Refactor AC::Metal#response_body= to reuse variable
@josevalim josevalim Do not deprecate performed. 6b81204
@vijaydev vijaydev update the getting_started guide code [ci skip] d09164a
@vijaydev vijaydev document AR::Base#with_lock in release notes [ci skip] a0977a1
@vijaydev vijaydev fix duplicate ids for the headers [ci skip] 70db347
@vijaydev vijaydev add uglifier version info in the 'what to update' section 5403fc7
@vijaydev vijaydev update release notes [ci skip] d3d6dba
@stephencelis stephencelis Don't type-cast unknown types to YAML. 139ec9b
@tenderlove tenderlove just use an alias. The target method is public, so make this one public
@tenderlove tenderlove adding tests for previous_changes hash 868e374
@tenderlove tenderlove push ivar initialization down to a common method 1a4fd51
Rodrigo Flores Added format to percentage eeac7a7
@tenderlove tenderlove Revert "just use an alias. The target method is public, so make this…
…one public"

This reverts commit be7d224.
@doriath doriath Fix indentation in code example of Delegation aa871d9
Jonathan Roes document `:raise` option support for several helpers [ci skip] 4d821ed
@rafaelfranca rafaelfranca No need to check html_safe? twice 07d14be
@jonleighton jonleighton Fix another race condition.
From 2c667f6.

Thanks @pwnall for the heads-up.
@brainopia brainopia Removed unused assigns from ActionView::Template::Error
They existed since initial rails commit by DHH but lost use a long time
@kennyj kennyj Bump mail 3b3b511
@rafaelfranca rafaelfranca Remove code duplication d6fbe4f
@rafaelfranca rafaelfranca Refactor translations retrieval ad0eb7f
prasath replacing ordered hash to ruby hash ca21da7
@ask4prasath ask4prasath closed this Feb 7, 2012
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