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column_names sometimes doesn't fetch all columns #514

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changed AR base#column_names, now instance variable @column_names ever assigned



Can you try and explain more clearly in what situation do you not get all the column names? There is a method called "reset_column_information" that you can call to bust the column cache. You usually use this method in a migration to work with a column just created/altered before working on it.


Hi Asanghi,
I don't get the column_names directly, the situation ist:
I have a model composition, which is associated with composer(s) and work(s)
through join tables to person and work, both have synonyms, stored in corresponding tables

now I have some scopes for sorting, one of them is following:

scope :sorted_by_title_and_composer, lambda{|direction| joins(:has_composer,:has_title)
.includes(:has_composer => [:synonyms], :has_title => [:synonyms])
.order(" #{direction}, #{direction}")}

this scope is used by a ajax search in following line:

.where(" LIKE ? OR people.surname LIKE ? OR people.prename LIKE ? OR person_synonyms.synonym LIKE ? OR work_synonyms.synonym LIKE ?",'%'+search+'%','%'+search+'%','%'+search+'%','%'+search+'%','%'+search+'%')

trhat's the reason why I need the includes, hence I must also search the synonyms

if I use includes for eager loading, then in the index view I have the error that a column doesn't exist.

the following work, but is much slower:

scope :sorted_by_title_and_composer, lambda{|direction| joins(:has_composer => [:synonyms], :has_title => [:synonyms])
.order(" #{direction}, #{direction}")}

this failure exist only in production mode, and other scopes using includes are also pertained,
there I use the lambda fix


Please provide a test to exercise the bug you're encountering. When you've added the test, please reopen this pull request, or send a new one. Thanks!

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Commits on May 11, 2011
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  1. +2 −1  activerecord/lib/active_record/base.rb
3  activerecord/lib/active_record/base.rb
@@ -701,7 +701,8 @@ def columns_hash
# Returns an array of column names as strings.
def column_names
- @column_names ||= { |column| }
+ @column_names = { |column| }
+ # @column_names ||= { |column| }
# Returns an array of column objects where the primary id, all columns ending in "_id" or "_count",
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