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I wanted to use observers to send custom events and noticed that #notify_observers only accepts one argument.

Unless there's a good reason not too, it woud be nice to accept extra arguments and pass them on.



I welcome this change. I've ran into this issue before. This is definitely handy when making your own custom events.


All of the tests pass against master. I also like the idea of extra params.

@rafaelfranca Its clear to merge.

@rafaelfranca rafaelfranca and 1 other commented on an outdated diff Apr 30, 2012
@@ -229,10 +229,10 @@ def observed_classes #:nodoc:
# Send observed_method(object) if the method exists and
# the observer is enabled for the given object's class.
- def update(observed_method, object, &block) #:nodoc:
+ def update(observed_method, object, *extra_args, &block) #:nodoc:
rafaelfranca Apr 30, 2012

extra whitespace before the &block

marcandre Apr 30, 2012

Good eye. Fixed.

Ruby on Rails member
Ruby on Rails member


That matches Ruby's Observable also.

Worth updating the docs to make it clear how the observer method is called.


I've tried supplementing the doc.

Also, notify_observers is made public; this conforms to the stdlib and there's no reason I could see that it was private in the first place.


@marcandre other objects should not be able to notify another object's observers. #notify_observers should be for internal use only.


Removed the public part, so this can be merged asap. Will open a new pull request for "public"

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@marcandre could you squash these commits in one? Also don't change the indentation of the private methods. The convention is indent after private/protected. See the contributing guides

@jeremy jeremy was assigned Apr 30, 2012
@tenderlove tenderlove merged commit 206b43a into rails:master Apr 30, 2012
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