Update tranasaction state when record gets commited #6226

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The pull request ensures that, when record gets committed to DB, transaction state gets updated from latest values. Without the patch, calling save from after_commit :on => :create callback will trigger after_commit :on => :create again, which I think is wrong. The current behaviour is also not historically consistent with, https://github.com/freelancing-god/after_commit .

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After the change, does calling save from after_commit trigger another after_commit :on => :update ?


Yup, it does. I can additional test to prove that.

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Closes #6207

@tenderlove tenderlove merged commit 9bf1a0d into rails:master May 9, 2012

would be great if this were backported to 3.2-stable #8577 /cc @sidonath

This commit breaks the functionality of after_commit(on: :create) when a model instance is saved within the same transaction in which it was created (see #8937)

I think functionality only breaks when you have multiple after_create blocks registered. I can't imagine why anyone will call save! from following callbacks:

after_commit {} # without condition
after_commit(on: :update) {} 

Both will trigger infinite loop.

@gnufied it breaks when there is only one after_create block in which save is called. There's no need to call save in after_commit to trigger the problem.

@rafaelfranca rafaelfranca added a commit that referenced this pull request Apr 10, 2013
@rafaelfranca rafaelfranca Revert "Merge pull request #6226 from gnufied/master"
This reverts commit 9bf1a0d, reversing
changes made to fed9709.


Reason: This fix introduces another issue described at #8937, so we are
reverting it to restore the behavior of 3-2-stable.

We will fix both issues when we come out with a better solution
@n-studio n-studio commented on the diff Jan 10, 2016
+ after_commit :call_update, :on => :update
+ attr_accessor :cached, :record_updated
+ def call_update
+ self.record_updated = true
+ end
+ def cache_topic
+ unless cached
+ self.cached = true
+ self.save
+ else
+ self.cached = false
+ end
+ end
+ end
n-studio added a line comment Jan 10, 2016

Why does the callback still need a condition for not being called again?
Isn't the purpose of this PR to prevent the callback from being called again after a save?

def cache_topic
  self.cached = true

Shouldn't this code work too?

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