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Removed old API functionality from actionpack text helpers #6370

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I have removed the old API functionality from text helpers as per!msg/rubyonrails-core/Ta4JrLykxYA/t-pm4DyW_AMJ (cc @rafaelfranca)

I will follow up with depreciation warnings in another pull request on the stable branch.


This pull request cannot be automatically merged. Please rebase it against the master. Also, add a CHANGELOG entry.


As a side note, these API Change was introduced in 10d9fe4, almost 4 years ago, but they was not removed in da84527 because the original author forgot to add a deprecation warning.


Sorry, @rafaelfranca. Does that work now?


Github told me not. Also, now your changes is touching more places.

@iHiD iHiD merged commit 56ba210 into rails:master

Sorry. I'm massively failing here. I've re-done it on a new branch and put a PR at #6371. Does that work any better?

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