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Fix handling of negative zero in number_to_currency #6512

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3 participants

Jared Beck Arun Agrawal José Valim
Jared Beck

Without this patch, number_to_currency() treats -0.0 as if it were a positive number and fails to apply the :negative_format option.

I tried to write this to support multiple rubies. In modern rubies, it will invoke phase() but looking at the docs for older rubies I couldn't find a satisfactory alternative, and had to settle for slicing the first char off of to_s(). Please tell me there's a better way. :-)

Arun Agrawal arunagw closed this
Arun Agrawal arunagw reopened this
Arun Agrawal

Not sure why. But this PR cannot merge automatically. Can you please do a rebase again ?

Arun Agrawal

Sorry I press on wrong button :-(

Jared Beck

Hmmm .. I think @josevalim just moved everything in that file .. doh. 135f620

José, should I re-write this for ActiveSupport? (activesupport/lib/active_support/number_helper.rb)

José Valim

@jaredbeck please do rewrite! A small note though: Rails master only supports Ruby 1.9.3+, so you can just go ahead and use phase. :)

Jared Beck
Rails master only supports Ruby 1.9.3+, so you can just go ahead and use phase. :)

oh thank goodness, that's much less messy then.

re-written for activesupport, thanks.

José Valim josevalim merged commit 5acb10d into from
José Valim

Merged! Thanks for the contribution and teaching me about phase :)

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Commits on May 28, 2012
  1. Jared Beck
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2  activesupport/lib/active_support/number_helper.rb
@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ def number_to_currency(number, options = {})
unit = options.delete(:unit)
format = options.delete(:format)
- if number.to_f < 0
+ if number.to_f.phase != 0
format = options.delete(:negative_format)
number = number.respond_to?("abs") ? number.abs : number.sub(/^-/, '')
2  activesupport/test/number_helper_test.rb
@@ -64,6 +64,8 @@ def test_number_to_currency
assert_equal("$1,234,567,890.50", number_helper.number_to_currency("1234567890.50"))
assert_equal("1,234,567,890.50 K&#269;", number_helper.number_to_currency("1234567890.50", {:unit => "K&#269;", :format => "%n %u"}))
assert_equal("1,234,567,890.50 - K&#269;", number_helper.number_to_currency("-1234567890.50", {:unit => "K&#269;", :format => "%n %u", :negative_format => "%n - %u"}))
+ assert_equal("0.00", number_helper.number_to_currency(+0.0, {:unit => "", :negative_format => "(%n)"}))
+ assert_equal("(0.00)", number_helper.number_to_currency(-0.0, {:unit => "", :negative_format => "(%n)"}))
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