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Index js css fix #6653

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Issue #3993 was about Sprockets not acting as documented in production environments.

Specifically, during assets precompile, 'javascript_include_tag' is supposed to notice when the included path is a directory, and use an 'index.js' or 'index.css' file from inside that directory as a manifest:


#3993 was closed when a fix (SHA: df84577) was merged. The problem is that the fix is not only incorrect, it actually introduced a new bug.

The fix as merged converts paths pointing to index.* files into paths pointing at their enclosing directories. This is the opposite of the documented behavior -- if the original path is a directory, 'index' needs to be added to the path to find the file inside the directory.

That commit therefore broke asset precompile such that any existing asset files named 'index.(js|css)' are completely skipped over, without fixing the original issue. This commit fixes the new bug and makes the feature work as documented, actually resolving #3993.

Russell Pickett Revert broken upstream "fix" to sprockets; add correct fix
Rails upstream got a "fix" to an issue with Sprockets not acting as
advertised with respect to directories and automatically finding
index.* files if appropriate during assets precompile.  The "fix"
didn't fix that issue, and instead created a new one where existing
index.* files got ignored.

This commit removes the broken fix, and creates a correct one.

Rails issue:

Incorrect fix:

steveklabnik commented Jun 7, 2012

This code isn't even in Rails anymore, it's in sstephenson/sprockets, so you'll have to open a pull request there.


steveklabnik commented Jun 7, 2012

... unless you were trying to make this change against 3.2-stable, and not master. In which case a PR should be directed at this branch, feel free to re-open and change that if you can.

Aah yeah, that was my intent. My bad, re-submitting to the correct branch now. Thanks.

each_logical_path doesn't operate with directories, each logical path is always file.


The documentation at the link above says that specifying assets by directory name is supported, and that the intended behavior is that it use any index.(css|js) files from that directory as a manifest.

The previous commit changes index.* filenames into directory names inside each_logical_path, which is the inverse of the documented behavior. As you point out. it doesn't make any sense because each_logical_path doesn't work with directories. And in any case, it introduces a new bug -- it prevents any existing assets named index.* from being precompiled which is how I got here in the first place.

This commit changes directory names into index.* filenames inside each_logical_path, as the documentation describes.

Mange commented Jun 7, 2012



jeremy commented Oct 2, 2012

Fixed @ 19987b6

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